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Sharing Risk with Airlines to Bring New Air Service to the Flathead.

We have all heard it.  “We need cheaper air service options in the Flathead Valley!” 

Whether you travel for work, wish your children could visit more often or own a tourist-related business the benefits of more airlines connecting us to more national hubs are clear.  Getting in and out of our piece of heaven-on-earth requires planning and initiative.

Glacier AERO in partnership with Glacier Park International Airport (GPIA) has the planning and the initiative to incentivize airlines to take a chance on the Flathead Valley.  We partner with airlines to share the risk of adding new connections and expanding the number of flights.  Over the last decade GPIA and Glacier AERO have added two new airlines and eight new hubs by providing Minimum Revenue Guarantees.

In 2007 direct flights to GPIA included Seattle, Minneapolis & Salt Lake City. Today there are flights to 11 hubs on four airlines.  Working together for the community GPIA and Glacier AERO have been able to attract and retain Alaska, Allegiant, Delta and United Airlines while adding direct flights to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Oakland and Portland.

2018 Initiative:  Glacier AERO has undertaken to raise $330,000 to invest Minimum Revenue Guarantees in new direct flights and airlines to serve the Flathead Valley.

New Target Markets are Dallas/Fort Worth, Southern California (San Diego, Ontario, John Wayne), Portland and Phoenix with conversations underway with American Airlines.

As a community we have the ability (and a solid track record of success) to meet our own challenges with creative solutions.  If you or your business would like to support Glacier AERO’s ongoing efforts to attract new air service, call Kim Morisaki, 406-257-7711 x3, or any Glacier AERO Board Member. 
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¨ Year Round to Salt Lake City

¨ Year Round to Minneapolis/ St. Paul

¨ Seasonal to Atlanta

¨ Seasonal to Los Angeles


¨ Year Round to Denver

¨ Seasonal to Chicago

¨ Seasonal to Los Angeles

¨ Seasonal to San Francisco


¨ Year Round to Seattle

¨ Seasonal to Portland


¨ Year Round to Las Vegas

¨ Seasonal to Oakland

¨ Seasonal to Los Angeles